Use in the bath to soothe and calm baby, make your own wipes and clear up skin conditions.

Using lavender oil for your baby’s skin

To soothe and calm your baby
Add 1 drop of lavender essential oil to a cotton ball and place inside your clothing. When you are holding baby next to you they will smell the scent of the lavender oil and associate it with the comfort of your body.

Bedtime massage oil
Mix one drop of lavender oil with two tablespoons of carrier oil. Use this massage oil on baby’s skin just before bedtime to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Diaper rash
Fill a clean jar with one pint of warm water, then add one drop of lavender oil. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and use to wipe baby’s bottom to relieve their skin of redness and discomfort associated with diaper rash.

Did you know lavender oil can be used as an effective sleep aid for babies?

When our second daughter was about 8 months old, she began having trouble sleeping through the night despite a previously great sleep pattern. I’d been using lavender oil for years to treat my headaches, and knew very well of the oil’s calming and soothing effects.

After doing some research, we decided to try it on our baby girl at bedtime. We applied a few drops of pure essential lavender oil on our hands about ten minutes before her bedtime, allowing her to smell the scent. This worked a treat - we could see an immediate calming effect on her, and within a couple of nights she began sleeping through the night once again.

Ways of using lavender oil to help babies sleep

You can also apply lavender oil directly to baby’s feet - you can even add a few drops of the oil on any plush sleep toys for baby to cuddle up to.

Now that our daughter is older (24 months) we rub a few drops of lavender oil on our hands and then rub a small amount on her forehead. She loves her little bedtime ritual, looking forward to it every night. The best thing - hubby and I have been sleeping through the night too!

Using lavender oil to safely treat baby skin problems

After using lavender oil to treat sleep issues, we realized there are so many other uses for this wonderful oil.

For example, you can use lavender oil to treat ringworm infection - simply add a few drops of lavender oil to the area, rub it in and within a few days it should clear up completely. If you care about the wellbeing of your family you’ll quickly realise that using lavender oil is a far better alternative to using chemical ointments on your baby’s skin.

I’ve also used lavender oil to help clear up small blemishes on my face. Even though I’m well into my forties, I still get the occasional pimple and spot - I just dab a bit of lavender oil on the spot using a cotton tip and this helps to clear them up in no time.

Lavender baby products - make your own

If you buy yourself a bottle of 100% pure lavender essential oil, you can use it to make your own baby products… here’s a couple of ideas:-

Moisturising milk bath for baby
1 cup of dried milk powder
½ cup cornstarch
2-3 drops of lavender oil

Combine the above ingredients and stir well, then sprinkle a small amount in a warm bath. This is the perfect recipe to help calm a fussy baby or toddler, plus it smells great on their skin.

Natural healing wipes
1 ½ to 2 cups distilled water
¼ cup aloe vera gel
1 tablespoon calendula oil
2 teaspoons castile soap
2-3 drops tea tree oil
2-3 drops lavender oil
roll of paper towels
plastic container that will fit wipes

Mix all liquid ingredients together in the plastic container. Cut roll of paper towel in half and remove the centre cardboard piece. Place half of the roll in container, cut side down. Place the lid on container to seal tightly and tip upside down. To use the baby wipes, pull out from the centre.

Using lavender oil in the bath to help baby sleep

A warm bath containing lavender oil is a great way to help baby sleep and also soothe their skin. There are plenty of baby products on the market that contain lavender oil, or you can simply add 2 drops of essential lavender oil to your baby’s bath water.

Always make sure you keep bottles of essential oils out of reach of children.