Lavender oil can be used to help your baby sleep whether it’s used in a diffuser, massage or in the bath. A bath is such a normal part of baby’s daily routine why not incorporate some lavender oil to help promote sleep, therefore a good night’s sleep for you too!

Let’s face it… having a baby in the house can be quite stressful at times so the more you can promote a health night’s sleep for baby the better off you’ll be to cope with the daily demands of being a parent.

How can I use lavender oil in my baby’s bath?

First of all, try and settle your baby into a good routine from late afternoon onwards by making sure they’re fed well, they’ve had some play time or cuddle time and there’s not too much craziness going on in the house around them (sometimes hard with other kids, we know!).

Run baby’s bath as you normally would, but add 1-2 drops of lavender oil into the bath water. Alternatively you can try adding a few drops of lavender oil into one cup of fatty milk, then mix this into the bath water.

A warm bath that contains lavender oil will help your baby relax and hopefully put your little darling in a calm state that will promote a good night’s sleep

Is lavender oil safe to use on my baby?

The safest way to use lavender oil for babies is on the skin or via a diffuser – lavender oil should never be consumed internally for babies, unless you have specific advice from a doctor first.

If you are going to buy store bought lavender-based soap or shampoo products to use in the bath for your baby, make sure they contain 100% lavender essential oil, not lavender infusions or lavender scents as these will not be as natural and may cause irritation to baby’s skin.

Always make sure you keep lavender oil and any essential oils or medications out of reach of children, and if accidentally ingested please consult a healthcare professional.