Get a better night’s sleep using lavender oil… all natural effective sleep aid without popping pills.

Do you toss and turn at night, lying awake for hours on end with no sleep in sight? Whether you’re unable to sleep due to stress, anxiety or other worries, getting a good night’s sleep is so important in how we function in our everyday lives.

Lavender oil has been proven to relax and de-stress – using this oil for therapeutic benefits along with making a few other tweaks to your bedtime routine could most certainly help you get a better night’s sleep!

Want to sleep better? Try lavender oil!

Research has shown us that the scent of lavender can help ease anxiety, reduce tension and therefore help reduce the effects of insomnia.

In a study at the University of Miami, patients who used the oil before sleeping were shown to have a slower heart rate and lower blood pressure which then put the patient in a more relaxed state. We all know that the more we’re relaxed, the better we’ll sleep!

How to use lavender oil to get a better night’s sleep

It’s so easy to incorporate lavender oil as part of your bedtime routine, here’s a few ideas:-

Oil burner
One of the easiest ways to use lavender oil to promote a healthy sleep pattern is to pop a couple of drops in an oil burner. They’re quite inexpensive to buy - head down to your local flea market or $2 store and you can pick one up along with some tealight candles.

Massage temples
Dab a couple of drops of lavender oil onto your fingertips, then massage gently into your temples. Make sure you inhale deeply as you begin to fall asleep

Lavender spray
Add about 8-10 drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle and then top up with water. Spritz around near your bed and pillows before bedtime, and enjoy the awesome aroma of lavender.

Make sure you buy 100% essential lavender oil - a blend will not have the same aromatherapy benefits as the pure grade oil.

Other tips for a good night’s sleep

  • A dark bedroom – make sure there is no light from outside, alarm clocks, mobile phones, etc.
  • Turn off electronics at least half an hour before bed – use this time to read a book, meditate, or cuddle with your partner (or have sex!).
  • No large snacks before bed – try some fruit or a handful of almonds instead.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine – or at the very least, drink plenty of water before heading off to sleep.
  • How does lavender help us sleep?

When used in aromatherapy studies, lavender has been proven to slow down the nervous system and promote a deeper sense of relaxation, therefore helping people who suffer from sleep disorders.

Inhaling the vapours of lavender oil will help you to breathe much deeper, so will naturally promote muscle relaxation and reduce tension without the need for taking any sleep medications.

Best way of using essential oils for sleep

There’s no right way or better way of using lavender oil to help you get a good night’s sleep – just try one of the methods as described above and see what works best for you.

Personally, I prefer my oil burner – I put it on for about half an hour before I’m due to go to bed, then my bedroom is filled with the aroma of lavender when it’s time to sleep.

Make your own lavender sleep pillow for a good night’s rest

These lavender sachets are so easy to make – simply pop them in your pillowcase or on your bedside table to help you sleep better at night.

Here’s what you’ll need:-

  • 2 x squares of muslin-type fabric approx. 6 inches square(cheesecloth or thin cotton will also work well)
  • cotton, needle, scissor and ribbon
  • lavender flowers - dried
  • lavender essential oil

Place your squares of fabric together, then sew three of the four sides together. It doesn’t have to be the best quality sewing job, but you do need to make sure there are no gaps in the stitching.

Turn the fabric inside out, then fill with dried lavender. Make sure you leave enough room at the top to tie off.

Add 3-4 drops of lavender oil, then using the ribbon tie the bag shut very tightly.

Lavender oil really does work to help promote a good night’s sleep, so the next time you’re tired and frustrated at not sleeping properly remember to try lavender oil – the all-natural alternative to sleeping pills.